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105 EUR

Handwoven unique scarf made from European linen and woollen (100% Merino wool) yarn, 170 x 65 cm. This elegant and warm textile gently reflects the light. Material can be washed in cool water and ironed. This warm scarf may be also used as a blanket during Spring and Summer evenings.

Ręcznie tkany, unikatowy szal wykonany z certyfikowanej przędzy lnianej (osnowa) i wełnianej (wątek, 100% wełny z merynosów), 170 x 65 cm. Szal zaleca się prać w letniej wodzie i prasować w umiarkowanej temperaturze. Lekki, ciepły i elegancki. Tkanina może służyć również jako okrycie wierzchnie podczas chłodnych, wiosennych i letnich wieczorów.

Interweave Studio is a manufacture which offers unique handwoven textiles designed by Marta Pokojowczyk. Linen textiles for interiors, canvases, as well as fashion accessories: scarves and snoods are dedicated to everyone who looks for one-of-a-kind and comfortable products. The originality of these materials is that they are entirely created on the loom, in both their colour and structure, always in single units. The textiles are produced from certificated European linen and woollen yarn.

Marta Pokojowczyk - painter, art historian, co-founder of Handwoven Canvas by Loermans & Pokojowczyk. 
For more detailed informations feel free to visit my website: www.martapokojowczyk.pl. I invite you also to familiarize yourself with a movie about my Atelier: www.vimeo.com/175224519. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: martapokojowczyk@gmail.com. Thank you and welcome in my webshop!