Book with samples

160 EUR

Book with samples of handwoven textiles from linen and wool (100% Merino wool). Size: 18,5 x 23,5 cm; 22 samples.  The booklet presents a palette of unique fabrics in various structures, colour combinations and thickness (woven on request in my Atelier).
Linen yarn - nowadays amost the most popular eco friendly yarn.  Its natural strenght derives from linen's fibre structure. The preparation of the final yarn requires a minimum of chemical intervention. Matt, light and delicate structures of linen fabrics evoke warmth and calm, significantly enriching human life. 
100% Merino wool - Merino wool fibres are exremely fine, the fabric feels soft and luxurious next to your skin. Woollen textiles are light, warm, breathable and elastic. Fabrics are fire and uv resistance which gives various possibilities to use woollen textiles in human environmnet.   

Yarns came from European, certificated manufactures. 
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